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Round trip of 29 km. on the Linde, Tjonger and Scheene. From camping De Kluft 31 km.

Kayak rentals:

Camping "De Kluft", Hoogeweg 26, 8376 EM Ossenzijl (tel.: 0561-477370).

Starting point Ossenzijl:

At the bridge across the Linde just outside Ossenzijl. Exit the A50 (Emmeloord-Joure) at Oosterzee and drive to the east through the village Echten. In Echtenerbrug turn right at the T-junction and follow the main road. After a bridge turn left and pass campsite "De Driesprong". At the next T-junction turn right and pass the villages Munnekeburen and Scherpenzeel. After Scherpenzeel you come to a bridge across the Linde. Here you find a kayak-pier.

Starting point Kuinre at the Sasplein near the locks:

Exit the A50 at Emmeloord and head east on the N351 in the direction Wolvega. At Kuinre you take the first exit at the roundabout. You find the locks at the bridge.

From the starting point at the bridge across the Linde near Ossenzijl you head west. Follow the bends and you enter the village Kuinre. After a bend to the right you come at the locks. There is a low side so it is easy to take the kayak out. You have to carry it passed the locks and follow the footpath under the bridge. After the bridge there is a low side where you can continue the trip. To the left is a small canal towards the Kuinderbos. At the end of the canal it is 500 meters to the place where the castle used to be. The place is marked and this is a nice place for a break. Then you head north on the Tjonger. This used to be part of the Zuiderzee. You see the former sea-dike on your right. At Schoterzijl you pass the former locks that gave access to the sea. You pass Langelille and the you come at a lake. Keep going straight on and after the bridge you turn right on the Jonkersvaart. This is a long and straight canal and this is a main route for motor yachts. After a bridge the canal bends to the left. Here you find a kayak pier on your right. The locks towards the Scheene are still there, but they're no longer in use. You head south on the Scheene. After a bridge you turn left and at the end you have to carry the kayak across the road. On the other side you find a kayak pier to the right in the ditch. Follow the ditch for only a short distance, then turn left. When you see a canal to the left (closed), you turn right. You pass a narrow passage in a dike and you go straight on. At the end of the canal there is one more portage to another canal of only 200 meters to the starting point.

GPS Linde near Ossenzijl: N 52.8139 E 5.9079.
GPS Kuinre: N 52.7869 E 5.8406.

Linde between Ossenzijl and Kuinre.


At Kuinre turn right on the Tjonger.

Former locks to the Zuiderzee near Schoterzijl.


The lake at the northern part of the Tjonger seen from the bridge.

Near the locks towards the Scheene.



The history of Kuinre dates back to the 12th century. There is a narrow stretch of land where the rivers Linde and Tjonger flew into the Zuiderzee. This is where fishermen built their first houses. Soon a castle was built a kilometer south of the village. Around 1300 the castle was abandoned as the sea washed away the surrounding land and a new castle was built. Both castles have disappeared over the years but he remains of the first castle are marked in the Kuinderbos. In 1942 the Noordoostpolder was made and Kuinre was surrounded by land. In 1990 locks were made to connect the Linde to the Tjonger. Studies are made to connect the rivers to the canals in the Noordoostpolder and the IJsselmeer.