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A trip through the canals of Leiden. From the starting point at Oegstgeest it is 3 km to the city center.

Starting point at the Oegstgeester Kanaal

Take the A44 Amsterdam - The Hague. Take the exit 6 Oesgtgeest-Noord. Head south on the N444 towards Oegstgeest. At the end of the road turn right at the traffic lights, and then turn right again. The starting point is on your right just as soon as you see the canal. There is an inlet for boat-trailers and a low side for kayaks. You can park at the side-street Hofbroukerlaan.

As you see on the map you go east and then turn right into the canal that leads towards Leiden. When you reach the city you come at a junction. You turn right here, as to the left and straight on are dead ends. You pass a windmill and a fountain. At the next junction you turn left to enter the city center. You can explore all the canals and paddle on the Singel that surrounds the city. In the middle of the city at the Burcht there is a restaurant with a terrace along the canal. It is named Annie's. You can enter the terrace from the kayak.

You can return to the starting point taking an alternative route. Follow the Oude Rijn (named Galgewater in the city) east. That is where you follow the dark blue line off the map until you come at a junction. Here you turn left on the Rijn-Schie-Kanaal. You can also follow the other dark blue line off the map. This canal also lead towards the Rijn-Schie-Kanaal, where you turn north. After allmost 3 km you come at the lakes Kager Plassen. But when the canals widens you turn left into the Groote Sloot. At the end of the canal (1,5 km) you turn left at the yachting harbor. This intersection is visible on the map above. You pass under a railroad bridge and return to the starting point.

It is also possible to follow the Oude Rijn to the west. You can go as far as Katwijk aan Zee (9 km from Leiden). But in Katwijk aan de Rijn you can turn right into the Oegstgeester Kanaal that will lead back to the starting point. This way it will be 12 km back to the starting poin in stead of 3 km following the shortest route.

GPS Oegstgeesterkanaal: N. 52.1879 E. 4.4848.

Trekvaartbrug. The canal towards Oegstgeest.

Windmill "De Valk".

Rembrandtbrug across the Galgewater.


Rembrandt Atelier along the Galgewater.




The small pink house was built in 1635. According to the history in the 17th century there lived a Flemish prostitute named "Groen Haasje" (little green hare). The canal was named after her, and the color of the house alway remained pink. 


't Kasteeltje along the Trekvliet.