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The round trip starts at the Jispersluis and the example route is 17.8 km.

The northwestern part is administered by Natuurmonumenten.

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Starting point at the locks Jispersluis (18):

From Alkmaar you taks the N244 in the direction Purmmerend.
Turn right on the N246, and immediately turn right again. The road bends to the right and goes under the N246.
Follow the road along the dike towards Spijkerboor. Here you turn left and cross the bridge.
The follow the road along the canal until you reach the starting point at the bridge.

From Amsterdam or Friesland, you leave the highway A7 at exit 4 Purmerend Zuid.
You head west and then turn right in the direction Purmerend Centrum. The road goes under the highway A7, but then you turn left twice. Follow the road along the Noord-Hollands Kanaal in the direction Spijkerboor until you come at the starting point across the bridge.

Starting point Jisp:

To get here by car follow the signs towards Jisp from the town center Purmerend. The starting point is just before the first houses of Jisp on you left.

Route of 17.8 km starts at Jispersluis

Of course you can make your own routes in the area. Especially with the marked poles you can't get lost.
But here is a suggestion of the route I made. You get to see all different aspects of the area, and it goes to kayak center Arjan Bloem and the adjacent terrace of De Hofjes. They have very nice coffee, and they also have rooms to stay overnight.

From the startin point you head south. At pole 14 you turn right. After a short distance you turn left towards pole 13. The canal becomes narrow and goes along trees. At the wide water you turn right. A little further you turn right toward pole 12, then turn left. At the T-junction you turn right and at pole 10 you turn left. You pass a kayak pier where yo can take a break.
Then you take the 3rd canal to the left. You come at the lake De Marken. About halfway you turn right, and directly sharp left. You go straight on until you come at the wide water Het Zwet. Here you turn right and cross the lake De Poel. On the other side you finds the locks to De Zaan, the kayak center, and De Hofjes.
From here you return on Het Zwet and you keep going straight on until you reach Jisp. You go straight on and follow the narrow canal beween the road and the houses. At the former town-hall you turn right. At pole 21 you turn left and follow directions to pole 20. Then you go straight on and turn right towards pole 28. Here you turn left and follow the canal to pole 14. At pole 14 you turn right and you're back at the starting point.

GPS Wormer (locks Jispersluis): Lat 52.5032, Lon 4.7949
GPS Jisp: Lat 52.5065, Lon 4.8675

track 17,8 km

Downloadable GPX-track (17,8 km): Wormer1. Starting point locks to the Zaan.

track 17,8 km

Downloadbare GPX-track (17,8 km): Wormer2. Starting point Jispersluis.

Locks Jispersluis (pole 18). Here you can portage to the Noord-Hollands Kanaal.

Marked poles with indicators.

De Poel: locks, and portage point to De Zaan.




Bridge at Wormer where you can navigate between the northern and southern part of the polder. It is near windmill "De Koker".

Signage is very good in the Wormer. There are numbered poles and direction to the next pole is indicated. On every pole there is a small map, so you really can't get lost in this area.

There's only one road in the polder dividing it into the Jisperveld and and the Wormer. Towards Purmerend the polder narrows and ends at the windmill named Neckermolen. This narrow part is named Neck. This is one of the largest salty swamps in Western Europe. There is some cattle-breeding, but not much as all transportation has to be done by boat.