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A trip around Akersloot and De Woude of 19 km.

Kayak rentals

Camping De Boekel along the Noordhollands Kanaal. Tel: 072-5330109.

Starting point at the recreation area at the Geesterweg near the ferry.

Exit motorway A9 in the direction Akersloot. Keep going straight on passing through the village. Outside the village you see a recration area on your right just before the ferry. The starting point is on your right at the inlet. There is a boat ramp. Facilities include a tap for water and toilets.

From the inlet you turn sharp left into the Noordhollands Kanaal. You pass a ferry. After 2 km you can turn left under a bridge. You pass farmhouse De Boekel. This also is a campsite. After a few bends you come at a windmill named Noordermolen. There are kayak piers so you can carry the kayaks passed the dike. Continue on the canal and at the intersection you go straight on. Follow the canal and pass the two small lakes Kerkmeer. The canal bend to the right and before the motorway A9 you turn sharp left. The canal is next to the highway, but after 1 km it bends to the left. You come at a pumping station which was built in 1879. It now is a museum. There are kayak piers so you can carry the kayaks across the dike. After a short distance the canal narrows and makes a sharp bend to the left. A Canadian canoe may not be able to make this bend. Steps are made on the side so you can carry the canoe passed the bend if necessary. Follow the canal passed the windmill and the water becomes wider. You enter the southern part of the Alkmaardermeer. You cross the lake in south-eastern direction and you enter the Stierop. in the Stierop there is a channel marked with buoys. At the T-junction you turn left. At De Woude there is a ferry. just after the ferry you can go to the side. At restaurant "De Woude" there is a nice terrace along the water. Another restaurant is 't Kombof. From the village there is a walking route on the dikes around the island of 7.5 km. From the dikes you have a great view on the lake and the polder. From De Woude you head north. You can turn left to cross the Akmaardermeer towards Akersloot. But if there's a lot of wind you can follow the canal to the north and turn left at the T-junction. The Noordhollands Kanaal is much calmer water, so this is a good alternative to return to Akersloot. If you choose to cross the lake, you pass the Deilings. The channel runs along the Westwouder Polder. On your right there is an area marked with yellow buoys for fast boats, like for waterskiing. With a kayak you best follow the yellow bouys in the middle. Across the lake you turn right into the inlet back to the starting point.

GPS: Lat. 52.5704, Lon. 4.7456.

Downloadable GPS-track (19.6 km): Akersloot.


Museum Gemaal 1879 (pumping station).

Portage at the pumping station.

Low bridge and a narrow corner to the left. Portage is possible.

View from the island in the Limmergat.


Portage to the Krommenie.

De Woude.


Ditch along highway A9 towards the Schulpvaart to Castricum.

Starting point at Motel Akersloot.

View from the starting point Motel Akersloot.

Walk around the Westwoude Polder.

Akersloot seen from a plane.

Walking tour

On De Woude you can make a walking tour around the island 7.5 km (about 1.5 hours).

Limmer Die

Kanoroutes on the canals in the polder. Download the folder (PDF) here.