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Zandwetering and Soestwetering

A trip on the Zandwetering to the kayak pier at Olst/Boskamp is 11.9 km, so 23.8 km both ways.
A trip on the Zandwetering to the second fishladder in the Soestwetering is 22.2 km. From there the river is not passable. A walk back to the starting point is 4.2 km.

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The Zandwetering is a canal that was dug in the 14th century to drain the water from the Broeklanden to the north into the Zwarte Water. It made reclamation in the lower Broeklanden possible. Seepage water from the higher Salland fills the canal. The water is very clear as the bottom is sandy, so you can see a lot of underwater life: not only plants, but also fish. There is a steady current, but it is possible to paddle upstream. There are fish ladders at some places, where you need to paddle with firm strokes upstream or portage. Downstream you can easily pass them, just stay in the middle, where the water is the deepest. There are several low bridges, but except one you can pass under them. At the weirs between Deventer and Olst there are kayak piers.
I was hoping to make a roundtrip on the Zandwetering and back on the Soestwetering and the Overijssels Kanaal. But the Soestwatering became very shallow and this really slows you down. Finally at the second fish-ladder I gave up and walked back to the car at the starting point. I can recommend to navigate just on the Zandwetering.

Starting point at the Overijssels Kanaal

Exit the highway A1 at exit 24 Deventer Oost. Head north on the N348 in the direction Raalte. Then turn left towards Schalkhaar. Just across the bridge you turn right on the dead-end road Kanaaldijk-West. The starting point is a little further. There are kayak piers at the canal and at the Zandwetering.


After 0.6 km. you come at a very low bridge, and you need to portage here. After Schalkhaar you pass a kayak pier at the bridge of the Raalterweg. You go under the bridge and after a short distance you pass a fish ladder. It's easy to pass if you just stay in the middle and go straight on. Then at the next bridge (Boxbergenweg) there is another kayak pier. You pass under the bridge and the canal bends to the right. The you come at the second fish ladder. After Diepenveen you come at a weir where you need to portage. The next weir is at the Diepenveenseweg. You need to portage again. This is a nice starting point to if you prefer to paddle upstream first. It's a nice spot with big trees. A little further the Zandwetering splits. When I was here the passage straight on was blocked by a fallen branch. The left passage is a beautiful small lake. A little further the branches come together and you go further north. You come at two more small and very beautiful lakes. Near Boskamp there are two weirs where you need to portage. In between you pass over the estate Hoenlo (not open for public). The manor that originates from the year 1233 is split into appartments and they are provately owned. Near Olst (Koekoeksweg) you come at the last kayak pier. It is advisable to turn back here.

Round trip

Still here?
The Zandwetering is straight now and makes a bend to the right. A little further you come at a weir. There are no facilities. The sides are steep, but not too high. But there are stinging nettles, and you have to pass under electric wire twice. Getting in is much easier, as you can step on the fish passage. But mind the deep hole in the ground before the concrete. A little further you come at the Soestwetering and you turn sharp right. The Soestwetering is much wider and this look promising. You follow the straight canal. After the Groote Vloedgraven enters the canal, the Soestwetering is much narrower. A little further you have to portage at a weir. No problem here. After the weir the Soestwetering becomes shalower. And as it's fed by water coming up from the soil, it's not getting any better. The fish ladder is difficult to pass. After the fish ladder you really need to paddle hard to get ahead. According to my GPS I did only 3 km/h. When you come at two bridges (Avergoorsedijk) there is another fish ladder. I decided to quit here and to walk back to the car. It was a little furhter than I expected. As you can see on the GPS-track I passed a private road passed a farmhouse to the Overijssels Kanaal. The farmer did not object. But its easier (same distance) to keep on the Avergoorsedijk. When you come at the bridge across the Zandwetering you can take the footpath along the canal back to the starting place.
Later I realised I could have walked through the ankle-deep water pulling the kayak on a rope behind me. The soil is sandy and hard enough to walk on. Then I could have made it to the Overijssels Kanaal and kayak back to the starting point. Maybe next time...

Downloadable GPS-track (22.2 km kayaking and 4.2 km walking): Deventer.

Starting point at the Zandwetering along the Overijssels Kanaal.

The Zandwetering runs behind the city Deventer.

De last weir in the Zandwetering. Portage is rather difficult.


Weir in the Soestwetering. Portage is easy.

Second fish ladder at the Avergoorsedijk. From here the Soestwetering is not passable. A walk back to the starting point is 4.2 km.