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Around Julianadorp (12.2 km or with a detour through the village 14.8 km.)

Marked routes:

In Den Helder and Julianadorp there are marked routes. You can find information in the folder "Waterrijk Den Helder" (pdf-file in Dutch).

Downloadable GPS-track of 14.8 km.: Julianadorp.

To the starting point:

From the N9 towards Den Helder exit at Julianadorp Kustrecreatie and drive along the Callantsogervaart towards the dunes. Then turn right towards Den Helder. After 2 km you turn right towards Camping 't Noorder Sandt. The kayak pier is on your right at the beginning of the canal.
The Middenvliet is 2 km further to the north. Turn right and after 1 km there are kayak piers at the bike-road.

From 't Noorder Sandt you follow the canal and turn left at the T-junction. At the end of the canal you turn right on the Middenvliet at the T-junction. There is a dam where you have to portage. The next junction is at a bridge under a busy road (Langevliet). You turn right here. After 2 km you pass the village center of Julianadorp. There is a kayak pier on the side-canal to the left at shopping center De Riepel.
You go straight on, pass Noorderhaven and you come at another junction. If you go straight on you go to the Noordhollands Kanaal after 4 km. But for the round trip you turn right here and follow the Callantsogervaart. Then you turn right under a bridge. In 2013 a weir has been made, but there are good kayak piers. You paddle along a golf-course to the north. There is a side-canal to the right and you can make a short detour through the village. Just before the bridge of the bike-raod you turn left under a bridge. Follow the canal to the right and then to the left. Turn right under a bridge, and follow the canal until you come at the T-junction where you can turn left to the starting point.

GPS Middenvliet: N 52.9153, E 4.7288.
GPS kayak pier at camping 't Noorder Sandt: N 52.9058, E 4.7225.


Shoppingmall De Riepel. There is a low side at the footbridge where you can go to the side.

Portage point near the golf-course at the Callantsogervaart.

Portage point near the golf-course at the Callantsogervaart.

Behind the residential area Kruiszwin.

De Slenk.

Towards Den Helder.

Update april 2016:
There are kayak piers now at the road Breewijd, so portage is possible. Now you can make a short round trip in Julianadorp.

Areal view on the route on Youtube.