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Round trip from Wirdumerklap passed Oosterwijtwerd and Appingedam

(24.7 km GPS-track). No portages.

Kayak rentals:

Starting point Ekenheim:

You can camp at camping Ekenheim or stay in the adjacent hotel Ekenheim. Opposite the camping Ekenheim there is a kayak-pier.
Exit the N360 Groningen-Delfzijl at the roundabout east of Wirdum. You head south on the narrow road Eekwerderweg. Before the bridge you turn left and drive along the Damsterdiep. After 1 km. you see the estate and camping Ekenstein on your left.

Startin point Loppersum

Leave the N360 Groningen-Delfzijl at the roundabout in the direction Loppersum (N996). After the fuel-station TINQ you turn left twice. You see the starting-point on your right.

Starting point Wirdumerklap:

A good starting point is at kayak center Wirdumerklap near Wirdum. This is at a private yard. Please contact in advance: mr. Klaas Hofman, tel.: 0596–572335 or 06–51521051. E-mail: .
To get here you follow from Groningen the N360 in the direction Delfzijl. Opposite the exit Wirdum you turn right. You cross the narrow bridge and turn right again. The kayak-center is just around the corner.

Round trip passed Oosterwijtwerd and Appingedam (GPS-track)

This route starts at Wirdumerklap. If you start at Ekenstein, the length is 20.9 km.
From Wirdumerklap you turn right (east). You pass the side-canal to Wirdum and after the kayak-pier of Ekenstein you turn left. After 2.2 km. you come at Oosterwijtwerd. On your right is restaurant Veldzicht with a waterside terrace. You can turn right on the dead-end canal and see the monumental farmhouse De Boerderij that houses a restaurant. You continue to the north and at the Y-junction you turn right. You pass the gas extraction works of NAM. A little further there is a kayak-pier with a picnic table on the left. At the end of the canal you turn right at the T-junction on the Leege Maar, and then you go straight on. After a bridge you stay on the main canal to the right. At the next junction you turn left. After a bridge you see a boat-ramp with a kayak-pier on your left. Then you turn right on the Bierumermaar. At a shipyard the canal makes a bend to the right. Then follow the bends to the left under the railroad-bridge. On your right is a kayak-pier. Then you turn right to the center of Appingedam. At the T-junction you turn left on the Damsterdiep. You pass the medieval center with the floating kitchens. A little further you turn sharp right on the Nieuwe Diep. You pass the clubhouse of kayak club De Blauwe Reigers. At the marina you go straight on. When the canal merges with the Damsterdiep you go straight on. You continue on the Damsterdiep to the starting-point.

To Delfzijl:

After you passed Appingedam you can continue toward the end of the canal in Delfzijl. Although it's a nice trip, there's nothing historical to be seen here. Just before you enter the town you pass the rowing club of Delfzijl and after a bend to the left there is a kayak pier with picnic-table. At the end of the Damsterdiep you can turn left into the moat. At the end there is a fountain.

To the lake Schildmeer:

The Schildmeer is about 3 km south of Appingedam following the Groeve. About halfway you'll have to cross the Eemskanaal. There are locks on both sides (Groevesluizen), but there are good kayak piers so you can carry the kayak passed the locks.

Loppersum N 53.3301 E 6.7399
Ekenstein N 53.3179 E 6.8125
Wirdumerklap N 53.3131 E 6.7855.
Schildmeer N 53.6667 E 6.8289.

Downloadable GPS-track 24.7 km: Appingedam.

Information sign at kayak center Wirdumerklap.

Railroad bridge across the Oosterwijtwerdmaar.



High voltage lines along the Godlinzemaar.

Field with ploughed clay along the Krewerdermaar.


Floating kitchens.

Bridge Vrouwenbrug.


Mirrored houses in the Damsterdiep.


Former oil mill "De Eendragt".

Birds on a lattice steel pylon along the Groeve.



Marina at the Schildmeer.