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Fortenroute: A round trip of 24 - 29 km. from the fortress Uitermeer to Weesp, Muiden and Naarden. One portage.

Kayak rentals:

Kano Huren Holland, Herengracht 13, 1382 AE Weesp. Tel.: 06-50695254.

Starting point at Fortress Uitermeer:

From the A1, take exit S113 in the direction Diemen. After a bridge you turn left at traffic-lights in the direction Weesp. After you've passed Weesp you cross the river Vecht. Then at the second roundabout you turn left to Fort Uitermeer. After the fortress you cross the bridge and the starting point is on your left. There are kayak piers on both sides of the locks, but you can not park the car there (loading/unloading only). You can park opposite the entrance of the fortress (max. height 2.2 meters). From here there's access to the 's-Gravelandse Vaart. There is no kayak-pier, but there is a short low side without reed.

From the kayak pier at the locks you head north to the river Vecht and then you turn right towards Weesp. The distance to the liftbridge in the center is 3.5 km. On your right there is a restaurant along the river with a good kayak pier: Eeterij De Schalkse. You go under the bridge and follow the river. It bends to the right and you go under a railroad bridge. After a small distance the river makes a sharp bend to the left. In Muiden you have to portage at the locks on your right. At the Vecht there is no kayak pier, and in the summertime boats may be moored here. So you have to look for a place where you can go out. At the other side of the locks the is a good kayak pier. You follow the bend to the left and navigate to the end where you find a small lake behind the Muiderslot. You can get to the side at an improvised kayak-pier (nothing more than a pallet). You can also portage here to the estuary of the Vecht and go on the IJmeer.
For this route you take the side-canal Naarder Trekvaart. It is a 7 km. long canal that leads straight towards Naarden. Na 3 km. kom je langs het buurtschap Hakkelaarsbrug. After a bridge you reach the fortress Naarden. You can not navigate around it, but you can go to the other side.
When you return, you turn left just before the bridge of the Naarder trekvaart. Follow the canal and take the second canal to the right. There is a sign that indicates "Fortenroute". This canal named Karnemelksloot is very beautiful. On your right is the nature reserve "Naardermeer" (no access). You keep going straight on until you come at a T-junction. Turn right on the 's-Gravelandse Vaart towards the starting point. At the fortress there is a restaurant: "Uit en Meer".

GPS Fortress Uitermeer: N. 52.2923, E. 5.0845.

Downloadable GPS-track of 29.2 km.: Fortenroute.
The Fortenroute is 24 km. but with extra loops in Muiden and Naarden I came to a total of 29.2 km.

Fortress Uitermeer.

Floating lodge at the fortress Uitermeer.


Weesp. On the right is restaurant Eeterij De Schalkse. There is a low pier for visitors.

Fortress Ossenmarkt in Weesp. You can navigate around it.

Railroad bridge across the Vecht.

"The Vechthoeve" or "Pippi Langkoushuis" was moved 300 meters away from highway A1 near Muiden because a new aqueduct was made at the old location.

View on the Keetpoortsluis in Muiden seen from the fortification.

Castle Muiderslot at Muiden.

Estuary of the river Vecht into the IJmeer.


Canal inside the stronghold Naarden.

The great sea gate of Naarden seen from the inside.

The great sea gate of Naarden seen from the outside. A memorial stone indicates the year 1632. But the gate as it is today was built in 1789.

Floating Lodge

At the Fortress Uitermeer you can stay overnight on a floating lodge. You can make a reservation on the site A canoe can be rent as an option.


In Muiden you have to portage at the Keetpoortsluis to go to the Naardertrekvaart. At the Vecht there is no kayak pier. You need to find a place at the marina. There is a gate to the road, but usually it's open. On the other side of the locks there is a good kayak-pier.
Locks are operated from April 1 till November 1, on request only. You need to call a day in advance before 4 p.m. HHRS Amstel, Gooi en Vecht : tel. 06-30374468.