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River Marne near St. Maur, Paris

A nice trip on the Marne can be made from the bridge of Avenue du Bac downstream around the island Ile de Ste Catherine and back (10 km).

Starting point:

The starting point is at the clubhouse of the kayak club SNTM. At the bridge is a nice floating kayak pier with free access. There is a park along the river. Free parking in the streets around the park.

From the starting point you go downstream. There are a few islands in the river which you can pass on either side. You pass a waterski school and go under a bridge Pont de Bonneuil. Then you see an industrial site on the left. After the harbour entrance on your left you can turn left into a small side river. In fact this also is part of the Marne. There's just a long island in the river. After some distance you can make a sharp turn right into an even narrower passage upstream. If you go straight on you come at a weir just after the bridge. In the main stream is a weir just before the bridge. I don't know if it's possible to carry the kayak passed it. Any way, just before the Marne comes to the Seine there is another weir. Kayaking on the Seine through Paris is prohibited.

On a sunny day you may find many people kayaking and rowing skiffs on the Marne. From 1830 on people from the center of Paris used to come to St. Maur to recreate on the river. Renoir made a painting of them: Les Canotiers.

GPS Clubhoiuse SNTM: Lat. 48.7914 Lon. 2.5210
GPS Camping Du Tremblay: Lat. 48.8297 Lon. 2.4772

At the SNTM preparing for a trip.