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You can make various trips in the area.

The GPS-track shows a round trip of 23.8 km.

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Noordwaard Polder

After floods of the rivers in 1995 a decision was made to give more room to the rivers. One of the projects was to give up the Noordwaard Polder, and enable to let water in from the river Nieuwe Merwede if water levels would rise above 2 meters above sea-level. In 2015 the work was started and creeks were dug out mostly according to a map dating back from 1905. They have the same names as the had before the polder was made. In 2019 the project was finished, and during high water levels in February 2020 the area became flooded for the first time. If not flooded, the creeks are filled with tidal water from the river Amer (Maas) and the adjecent Biesbosch. The area is now named just Noordwaard, as it is not a polder any more. You can kayak on the creeks. There is little current, but you have to be aware of extreme high tides and extreme river conditions. Please realise by visisting the area you are pioneering. There are no kayak facilities. There is free access to water and land everywhere. The vegetation is changing as conditions have changed. Especially in the west you see many dead trees. During low tide you only can get on land on the banks before the dry land, and you may get wet feet. The clay soil is solid almost everywhere, so there is no problem with soaking mud.

To the starting point near Werkendam:

From highway A27 take exit 23 to Werkendam. At the roundabout you go straight on. When you come at a T-junction, you turn left in the direction Dordrecht (ferry). When the roads makes a sharp bend you exit to the left still in the direction Dordrecht. You cross the bridge and then turn left again. There are locks at the bridge, so if it's open boats pass by really slowly and the bridge may stay open for more than 10 minutes. Follow the narrow road named Steurgat. When you see a parking place on your right you go straigt on. A little further there is a sharp bend to the right. At the bridge you can launch your kayak. Across the bridge on your right there is a low side. If the water is too low to get in without getting wet feet you can try on the other side of the bridge. On the left side of the road (before the bridge) there is a shoring. But you have to carry the kayak across sharp stones that lay unstable, so this is not easy either. The place may be occupied by anglers.

Access from the Biesbosch

Have a look at the page about the Biesbosch for connection to the Noordwaard. From the kayak pier near Vissershang to waypoint 4 along the Ruigt is 4.8 km.

Round trip of 23.8 km. (GPS-track).

From the starting point at bridge 2 you head north and turn left across the small lake. At the T-junction you turn left on the Bevert. You keep going straight on and pass under bridge 7 and 15. At the next junction you turn right and at waypoint 5 you come at the much wider creek Ruigt. You turn right here, and at the next junction (waypoint 6) you turn sharp right. The pole with the marker 6 is on the opposite side. You pass under bridge 17 and you keep going left. At the second junction there is a small dead-end side-canal to the left. There is a high side where you can get on land without getting wet feet. You go straight on and after bridge 19 you turn left. Then you pass under bridges 25 and 24. At the next junction you turn right, and you pass under bridge 23. You keep to the right on the Boomgat and you pass under the green liftbridge 20. There is a floating kayak pier at the farmhouse, but it is private. A number of signs urge you not to use it. The canal makes a wide bend to the right and after a bend to the left you pass under bridge 19 again. Follow the bends passed the dead-end side-canal and then you turn left. At the next junction you go straight on. After a few bends you pass under bridge 14. Then you turn left on the Bevert, and when the canal splits you turn left. After bridge 11 you turn right. At the next side-canal to the left you go straight on. On your left is an area where cattle roams (Scottish highlanders and water buffaloes). After the next bridge (9) you turn left and right again to return to the starting point.

Starting point at bridge 2 just passed the parking place.
There is no kayak-pier here.

Downloadable GPS-track of 23.8 km. Noordwaard.

Starting point at the Steurgat. On the left side of the bridge there is a shoring, but you have to cross sharp unstabale stones.
Because the passage under the bridge is narrow there is more current here than in other places.

Turn left on the Bevert.




One of the few places where you can get on land without getting wet feet when the tide is low. It is located at a short dead-end side-canal just before bridge 19.







Entrances to the Noordwaard from the Ruigt are marked with numbered poles. Also bridges in the area have a number. They are rather small and you have to come close to see them.

Water levels

Information about water levels in this area as well as the Biesbosch can be found on the site of Rijkswaterstaat.


Along the Witboomenkil you can camp along the water at camping Biesboschvakantie. Cabins are also available.