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1. A trip from Bleiswijkse Verlaat to the end of the Rotte and back is 30.4 km.
2. A round trip on the Zevenhuizerplas to Zevenhuizen and back on the rowing-course is 14.0 km.

Kayak rentals:

Botenverhuur Van Vliet at Zevenhuizen.

1. Bleiswijkse Verlaat to the end of the Rotte and back (30.4 km)

Starting point Bleiswijkse Verlaat.

Exit the A12 between The Hague and Utrecht at exit 8 in the direction Bleiswijk. Head south on the N209. At the traffic-lights you turn left in the direction Bleiswijk. After a bend to the right you turn left into the residentional neighborhood. Follow the many bends and traffic tresholds until you come at a parking place near the Bleiswijkse Verlaat. From here the road is a dead end towards Restaurant Meerenbos and foot-ferry. You can enter the road to (un)load the kayak, but you can not park here.

From here I took the kayak to the Bleiswijkse Zoom. You can see the water from the parking place. Head south on the waterway through the park. When you come a a small liftbridge, there is a kayak-pier on your left where you can portage to the Rottemeren. Walk to the lake and then a short distance passed the fishing pier to the right (waypoint 25). From here you turn right and head south towards Rotterdam.
After you passed the bridge with the highway you come at a junction. To the left it will be about 1 km towards the lake Kralingse Plas. Straigt on you follow the Rotte towards the city center. The water is very clear. In the city there are several places where you can go to te side. When you come at the end of the canal you are near a main street where all the shops are (Mc Donalds too). There is a small stone quay where you can go to the side.

2. Round trip on the Zevenhuizerplas (14.0 km.)

Starting point Zevenhuizerplas.

Exit the A12 (The Hague - Rotterdam) at exit 9 towards Zevenhuizen. Head south on the N219. At the second roundabout you turn right in the direction Oud Verlaat. After the bridge you turn right again. You drive along the canal and the turn left towards Oud verlaat. At the end of the narrwo road you turn left and then left again.

You can start at the beach next to the reataurant "De Strandgaper", but a little further there is another parking place with a boat-ramp. It's easier to get in here at the boatramp.
You turn right and navigate around the three islands. Then you turn left and cross the lake passed the marina. Across the lake you turn left passed the beach. In the corner you turn right into the canal. On the right side there is a side-canal towards a boat-ramp. There is nog kayak-pier bus as the sides are low, this is a good alternative starting place. You follow the canal to the end. Here you portage towards the canal behind the dike (36). There is a Shell fuel-station with a coffee-corner. Nice place for a break! On the canal you turn left towards Zevenhuizen. In the village you turn left. After a short distace there is a kayak pier on your left (just before the mooring place). Here you can portage to the Willem Alexander rowing course (31). On the other side there is a floating pier just a little to the left. You can either pass the 2 km. rowing course, or take an alternative route to the other side. Just west of the bridge Sydneybrug there is a portage point to the Rottemeren (24). Here you turn left and after a short distance you see kayak pier (13) on your left and you're back at the starting point.

GPS Bleiswijkse Verlaat (waypoint 27):
N 52.0150 E 4.5529

Downloadable GPS-track 30.4 km: Rotte.

Kayak piers at the Bleiswijkse Verlaat.

Downloadable GPS-track 14.0 km: Zevenhuizen.

Bleiswijkse Zoom. Portage to the Rotte at waypoint 25.

Bridge near the Rottemeren.


Canadian geese in Rotterdam.



Laurenskerk in Rotterdam.

The end of the Rotte in the center of Rotterdam.



Kralingse Plas.



Locks completely made of wood at Bleiswijkse Verlaat. They have been restored in 2015.

Zevenhuizerplas (13).


Zevenhuizen (32).

Willem Alexander Roeibaan. A 2 km. rowing course.

Willem Alexander Roeibaan.


A map (PDF-file) can be downloaded from the site

Rottemeren Marathon

In September the annual Rottemeren Marathon is held on the Rotte. It is organized by the Rotterdamse Cano Club.


Portage is not possible at the Bergsluis in the Noorderkanaal. Operation of the locks from April 16 till October 15. Press the red button to request opening.

Lowest point

The lowest point in the Netherlands is in the Zuidplaspolder. It it 6.76 meters below sea level (NAP).
In Waddinxveen is a place with the lowest water-level. It is located in the quarter Zuidplas next to the church Morgensterkerk. There is a monument made of scoops of a former pumping station. The place is named "De Vergeten Plek" (the forgotten spot).