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Around St. Annaparochie

A trip around St. Annaparochie of 22 km.

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On this route you won't see anything of St. Annaparochie as there are no canals leading towards it. The route is a trip around the village that's just in the middle of it. The first part of the route is also part of the Elfstedentocht between Franeker and Bartlehiem. At Wier and Oude Leije there used to be dikes, but to make Het Bildt accessible for small boats, in 2012 locks were made. Also there are steps to make passage for ice-skaters easy. These steps are also suitable as kayak piers. It's just a pity that at Wier they made them on the wrong side of the locks.

Starting point at the locks near Wier

Take exit 22 from the A37 (Afsluitdijk - Leeuwarden) in the direction St. Annaparochie and head north on the N383. At the roundabout you turn left towards Berlikum (Berltsum). You then turn right and pass through the village. Follow the main road. When you are near Wier you turn right just before the bridge. There is a gate, but it's usually open so you can drive towards the locks. Park in the grass so agricultural vehicles can pass by. The side is rather high, but there is a good starting point on the other side of the locks.

Route of 22 km:

From the locks you head north. The canal makes a 90 degrees bend to the right. Keep going straight on. After Vrouwbuurstermolen you can turn right towards the locks of Oude Leije. This is a nice place for a break. There is a picnic table and at Restaurant De Drie Gemeenten you can sit outside. For a small fee you can even take a shower. Continue to the north towards Oude Bildtzijl. Here you turn left. After a few bends you follow the canal alont the dike. At the next intersection you turn left on the Koudevaart. At the T-junction you turn left to return to the starting point.

GPS: Locks at Wier: Lat. 53.2519 Lon. 5.6306

Starting point at the locks near Wier.

Along the Blikvaart.


Oude Leije.

Locks at Oude Leije. There is a restaurant with shower facilities.

Oude Bildtzijl.

Oude Bildtzijl

Potatoes for sale along the Oude Bildtdijkstervaart.

Oude Bildtdijkstervaart.


In the Middle Ages the present polder Het Bildt was part of the sea named Middelzee. In Oude Zijl there was a small harbor with locks. From here a ferry departed towards the island Ameland. In 1505 the first dike was made at Oude Bildtzijl. There also were new locks. A hundred years later a new dike was made at Nieuwe Bildtzijl, and later another one. Across the last dike still new land emerges, but never an attempt was made to make another dike. So this grassland still gets flooded at stormy weather.



The painter Rembrandt van Rijn was married in 1634 to his bride Saskia Uyenburg in St. Annaparochie.