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Route of 17 km. On this route you pass canals, lakes and De Oude Venen. There are 3 portages.


Camping It Wiid, Kooidijk 10, Eernewoude (tel: 0511-539223). Large camping where you can camp directly along the water..

Starting point at the Pettebosk:

Exit the main road Leeuwarden - Drachten at Eernewoude. Just before you enter the village you turn left in the direction of campsite It Wiid. After a short distance you see a pumping station on your left and a little furhter you turn right in the direction camping It Wiid. After 100 meters there is a day recreation area on your right with a parking place. Across the road you can start the 18 km trip at the entrance of educational park Pettebosk.

Route of 17 km.

Follow the canal through the Pettebosk. At the T-junction you turn left. Then at the next T-junction you turn left again. After a short distance you turn right at the sign "kanoroute" towards the first portage. Across the road you turn left on the Eernesloot. Follow the bends passed the pumping station and after a while you see a watch-tower on your right. There is a kayak-pier so that you can have a look. A little further you turn left into the Veertigmad Sloot. About halfway towards the Lange Sloot you come at the second portage. At the end of the canal you come at the third portage towards the Lange Sloot. You turn right here and the turn left along the farmhouse and the small windmill. You come at a lake named Saiter Petten. Turn right and cross the lake in western direction. On the other side turn left and you'll find a canal towards a small lake. Across the small lake you come at a bigger lake. Just before the black boathouse you enter a canal on your left, the Skeane Sloot. The canal makes a bend to the left. After you passed a small inlet you can turn left into the Oude Venen. There are many ditches, narrow passages and lakes to explore. You find your own way here and return to the entrance point. When you return on the Skeane Sloot continue east. You come at a lake and you head for the island straight ahead. Just before the island you turn right in southern direction. When you see a big canal on your right you turn right into the canal. This is the Folkertsloot. A little furhter on you pass the inlet on your right. When you come at a small windmill you turn left and enter a lake. Take the first passage before the little island. You enter a short canal and you come at another lake, De Petten. Turn to the left towards the end of the land point. Around the point you go to the north-east. Where the lake narrows there is a sign "De Kop van Jacobi". Go straight on and the water becomes wider. This is the lake Kruisdubbe. Turn left into the Fokkesloot. There are a few inlets on your right, but you keep to the left on the main canal. You see the camping site It Wiid on your right and you turn right into the Errneoudster Wijd. You see the village Eernewoude on your left. Keep going straight on and after the holiday-houses on your right you turn right. You go under the liftbridge across the small lake. On the other side you return at the dayrecreation area.

GPS Pettebosk: Lat. 53.1301, Lon. 5.9555


Downloadable GPS-track 12.4 km to the north of Eernewoude.
Downloadable GPS-track 9.7 km around the Jan Durks Polder.

Starting place at the Pettebosk opposite the day recreation area.

Pumping station along the Kaaisloot.

Veertigmad Sloot.

View on the Eernesloot.

Portage between the Veertigmad Sloot to the Lange Sloot.

Portage between the Veertigmad Sloot to the Lange Sloot.


Oude Venen.

Oude venen.

Along the Jan Durks Polder.

Along the Jan Durks Polder.

Viewpoint along the Jan Durks Polder.

Headamsloot along the Jan Durks Polder.

It Fryske Gea

There is a beautiful nature preserve with peat swamp and lakes between Leeuwarden and Drachten. Although much of it is closed for public, there is enough accessible to kayak around for a full day. In the summer-time there are many boats on the water. The early morning and late afternoon and evening are the best times for kayaking then.


The area north of Eernewoude recently was extended with a round across the lake Eernewoudemeer.

Jan Durkspolder

You can navigate around this polder from the Pettebosk (7 km.).