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Alkmaar Noord

Round trip in Alkmaar Noord (Huiswaard) and the center of Alkmaar 17.2 km.
One portage.

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Starting point:

At the rear of the car park at Tennis Club "De Zes Wielen", Hertog Aalbrechtweg, Alkmaar Noord.
From the beltway (Ring) N508 you take the exit Hoornse Vaart / P Station-Noord. Then you turn left on the Hertog Aalbrechtweg. The Tennis Club is a little further on your left. At the end of the car park on the right you'll find the portage place from the Hoornse Vaart to the canal. There are kayak piers on both sides.

In case of events the car park may be closed. Then you can start a little further east along the Hoornse Vaart. In that case you have two portages.
From the beltway (Ring) N508 you exit at the traffic lights in the direction Oudorp. Just before the bridge you turn right. There is a free car park on your right and you'll find a kayak pier at the canal. From here you head west and portage a little further to the right.

From the starting point you head north and you pass a number of culvert. The one under the beltway is a rather long one. You follow the canal and you follow the signs. Just keep right most times. Finally you come at a small dead end canal. There is a kayak pier where you can portage towards the Noordhollands Kanaal. You see the wooden ponton bridge on your right, but you turn left towards Alkmaar. After the railroad-bridge you come at the city center. After the shopping mall "Overstad" you can turn left on the Hoornse Vaart. After a few windmills you return at the starting point.
For a detour on the canals you turn sharp right at the police station. More information on the Alkmaar page.

Tennisclub "De Zes Wielen" N. 52.6420 E. 4.7671
Hoornse Vaart  N. 52.6402 E. 4.7741

Downloadable GPS-track (17.2 km): Alkmaar-Noord.

Blauwe Reiger.



Clock tower and Black Church of Koedijk along the Daalmeerpad.

De Gouden Engel. The cornmill was rebuilt in 2008/2009 and open for public.

Portage to the Noordhollands Kanaal.

Ponton bridge across Noordhollands Kanaal. If you want to navigate towards Schoorldam you need to pass this bridge.
On both sides there are double girders where you have to pull the kayak across.



In the nineteen thirties a bike road was made to connect St. Pancras with Koedijk. The land then existed of fields separated by canals. To enable to make this bike road seven wooden bridges were made. They were just wide enough for a bicycle to pass, and high enough to pass under with a loaden boat. In the nineteen seventies the canals disappeared and residential areas were built. The Daalmeerpad remained to exist, although without the characteristic bridges. The bike-road begins in Koedijk at the (Zwarte Kerk (black church) and clock tower. The entrance in St. Pancras is more difficult to find (like it was in the past). It begins in a sort of alley, but the sign "Daalmeerpad" is still there.