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To the starting point Weidum:

From the Afsluitdijk you take the A31 in the diraction Leeuwarden. About 2 km before the city you exit and take the N31 in the direction Drachten. After a bridge you exit at Deinum and continue on the access road (Hegedyk) to the south. A little further this access road goes under the main road and after a few km. you come at Weidum. The starting point is after the junction with the road to Wirdum on your left.
If you come from the south, you take the A32 in the direction Leeuwarden. After Grou you exit on the N354 towards Sneek. After 1 km. you turn right towards Reduzum and Wytgaard. After Wytgaard you turn left on the Dekemawei in the direction Weidum. You pass camping Weidumerhout. At the T-junction in Weidum you turn left and the starting point is on your left just behind the intersection.

5 Doarpenrûte 20.8 km

Opposite restaurant "De Vijf Sinnen" there ia a kayak-pier behind the bus stop. From the little pond you turn right and pass the American windmill. At the T-junction you turn left on the Zwet. You go under the bridge and pass camping WeidumerHout. After 600 meters you turn left. After 2 km you come at the first village Baars (Bears in Frisian). There is a kayak peer on your right where you can stop for a walk through the village. Interesting is the Uniastate and old gate. The profile of the former castle is rebuild in iron. The gate is original. Further on the canal bends to the left and then to the right. Keep right on the main canal. You go under a railroad bridge and the you come at the second villgage: Jorwerd (Jorwert in Frisian). At the bridge there is a kayak peer where you can go out and see the village. Then the canal makes a number of bends. After you passed a farmhouse you see a kayak pier on your right with a sign. This is the first portage. Follow the narrow canal and turn left at the sign. After a few bends you come at the second portage. Then follow the canal. You come at a wider canal and at the T-junction you turn left. At the bridge in Baard (Baerd in Frisian) there is a kayak pier. There is a restaurant/village house named 't Skipperke. You go straight on towards Oosterlittens (Easterlittens in Frisian). At the junction you turn left on the Franekervaart and then you come at a mooring place on your left. You go back the same way. After Jorwerd the canal bends to the left towards Baars. here you turn sharp right towards Weidum. You pass the village and after a culvert you see the starting point on your right.

Round trip of 25 km.

Opposite the restaurant "De Vijf Sinnen" you find the kayak pier behind the bus-stop. From the little pond you turn right and pass the American windmill. At the T-junction you turn right on the Zwet. After 4.7 km you see a mooring place in front of you and here you turn right towards Oosterwierum. The canal ends at a farm just before the village. Here you have to portage for 500 meters passed the village center. Because of the long portage I suggest this as an alternative starting place. At the garage Sypersma you can get the cheapest fuel of the province (24/7 with bank-card). After the village center the navigatable part of the canal starts at the street named Bûtewei. There is a kayak pier, but it's in poor condition. In the first part there are many plants growing in the canal, but things get better when you are outside the village. At the bridge in Wieuwerd (Wiuwert) there is a kayak pier on your left. Unfortunately it can't be used because there are many plants growing in front of it.

You can avoid the long portage if you're willing to make a detour passed Boazum. Follow the Zwet for another 4.7 km and then turn right after you passed a big tree on your left. Follow the canal with many bends passed Boazum, under the railroad bridge. Just after a side canal to the right (that's where you come from if you pass Oosterwierum (Easterwierrum)) you come at a wider canal. Turn right an the T-junction on the Franekervaart (Frjentsjetterfeart). Just before the Kromwâlbrêge (Kromwal bridge) there is a mooring place on your right. However, just after the bridge you find a kayak pier on your right. There is a ladder standing in the water against it, so you can also go for a swim here. After the bridge you see the village Britswerd on your right, but at the side-canal you go straight on towards Oosterlittens (Easterlittens). At the end of the village you turn right towards Baard (Baerd). You pass the bridge at Baard (Baerd) and then turn right into the narrow canal. After a few bends you come at a low bridge where you have to portage. The sides are low, so this is rather easy. Follow the narrow canal. After a number of bends you come at a T-junction. There is a sign that indicates you have to turn right here. After a short distance you come at the next portage towards the Jorwerdervaart (Jorwerterfaert). Turn left towards Jorwerd. At the bridge in Jorwerd (Jorwert) there is a kayak pier. Further on you go under a railroad bridge. Then the canal makes a bend to the left. Here you turn sharp right on the narrow canal towards Weidum. In Weidum you pass a culvert and then you'll find the starting point on your right.

GPS Weidum: lat. 53.1482 lon. 5.7457
GPS Camping Weidumerhout: lat. 53.1489 lon. 5.7643
GPS Oosterwierum (Easterwierrum): lat. 53.1108 lon 5.7314

Downloadable GPS-track (24.9 km): Weidum.

Starting point in Weidum.

American windmill near Weidum.

Baars (Bears).

Baars (Bears).

Zwet (Swette) between Bozum (Boazum) and Oosterwierum (Easterwierrum).

Oosterlittens (Easterlittens).

Baard (Baerd).

Manually operated bridge in Baard (Baerd).

Portage near Baard (Baerd).

Jorwerdervaart: portage towards Baard (Baerd).

Jorwerd (Jorwert).

Jorwerd (Jorwert).

Information sign along the route.

Curdled passage in the Jaanfeart

North of Britswerd there is a very low bridge across the Jorwerdervaart. Because of plants and a high gate portage is not possible. I managed to go under the bridge, but I think most people will find it impossible to do. Fortunately the detour passed Oosterlittens and Baard is very beautiful.