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Nieuwkoopse Plassen

In the area there are 2 marked routes, the red one and the yellow one. From Noorden, the red route combined with yellow route (as described below) is about 16 km.

The Nieuwkoopse Plassen exist of a large area of moors with many small canals. There are two larger lakes: the Noordeinderplas north of Nieuwkoop and the Zuideinderplas south of Nieuwkoop. Most major canals are open to public, some smaller canals are closed. Also the area north of Noorden is closed to the public. The whole area is owned by Natuurmonumenten, an organization that protects nature-areas with a special value. There are two kayak routes in the area. The red one starts in Noorden, the yellow one in Nieuwkoop. The length is 8.5 km each and about 16 km combined. The route is marked with numbered signs. The signs are not always easy to find, so a map of the area is very handy. A bit confusing is that there are also marked routes for boats with electric engine, named electro route. They also have a red and a yellow route and for a great part they are similar to the kayak route. The signs for electroroute are numbered arrows pointing the direction.

A good starting point for the red route is opposite the church of Noorden.

You can also rent a kayak here at Nikano. Near this place you find a restaurant, a super market and a money machine.

From the church you navigate south. Follow the the signs 1 to 7. At 7 you go straight on in stead of turning right. Follow the canal with the bends. At sign you turn right towards the Noordeinderplas. When you come at the lake you turn left and head for the churchtower of Nieuwkoop. At Nieuwkoop you turn left just before the house-boats. Here you find sign 1. Follow the water behind the houses until you come at a lake at sign 3. Then you turn left on the small lake and enter the canal. In the distance you see a watertower which is called "Pietje Potlood" (potlood means pencil), because of its shape. This canal connects to the Kleine Polder. This is a small lake divided from the Zuideinderplas by a dike with a bridge. Turn left and follow the arrows 6 to 14. At 14 you don't turn left, but go straight on. Follow the bends of the canal until you come at the red arrow 7. This is where you turn left and follow the red arrows to the starting point in Noorden.

GPS Noorden: Lat. 52.1642, Lon. 4.8257.
Downloadable GPX-track: Nieuwkoop.


The Meije.

Sailboat race on the Noordeinderplas.

The last boat approaches the turning point.


Route of 22 km. on the Meije and Nieuwkoopse Plassen.
Downloadable GPX-track: (unpack and open with Garmin Basecamp or other program).