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Warga - Wartena

Route of 16 km. passing the Alde Feanen. No portages.

Kayak rentals:

in Eernewoude.

Camping along the route:

At the organic farmhouse Gerkema Zathe near Warstiens. Kayak and boat rentals are available for people staying at the camping.


For centuries the village Warga was of importance because it was situated along a main shipping route between Leeuwarden and Grou. In the middle-ages the lakes Hempensermeer, Wargaastermeer and Kleine Jornahuister took shape so the village was surrounded by lakes. They were famous for the abundance of fish. From the 17th century the lakes ware made into polders. Recently an aqueduct was made at highway A31. Together with a new canal around the old village the shipping route is improved for bigger ships.

Starting point Warga (Wergea):

Exit highway A31 (Leeuwarden - Drachten) at Wergea.
In the village you turn right just before the church and you'll find the kayak pier on your right. There is limited parking space behind the church.
Alternative startingpoint is at the bridge of the H.J. Kooistrawei. In the village you pass the church and then you turn right on the Nieuwe Weg. Just across the bridge there is a low side on the left where you can launch your kayak.

Route of 16 km.

From the church you head north on the canal through the village center. Outside the village it merges with the new canal around the village. There is a narrow side-canal the left around the Hempenser Polder. I haven't tried this, but it looks difficult as there are much water-plants. So you keep right and the turn right before the aqueduct on the canal Langdeel. At Warstiens there are two side-canals to th right towards the village. You go straight on.
In Warten there is a kayak pier on the left from where you have a nice view on an old warehouse on the other side of the canal. A little further there is a small historical museum on your right. After a bend to the right you pass a marina, and the wider canal brings you to the Pronses Margriet Kanaal. This is a main shipping route with commercial ships, so make sure nothing is coming before you cross the canal. You go straight on in the direction Eernewoude, but you turn right towards the Saiter Petten. On the south side of the lake there is a kayak pier. You can portage to the nature park Alde Faenen, but for this route you follow the south shore of the lake. Turn left and then turn right on the lake Holstmar. There is a kayak pier on the right, but further on there are also low sides where you can go to the side. Then cross the Prinses Margriet Kanaal again and a little to the left you enter the canal Meanewei. There is a lake on the left. About halfway there is a place on the south side a place where you can go to the side. The nature park is not accesssable from March until July (breeding season). Then continue north on the Meanewei towards Warga. Just before the village you turn left. After a liftbridge you turn right at the T-junction. A little further you return to the starting point.

Starting point at the church: GPS N. 53.15155 E. 5.8445
Starting point at the bridge H.J. Kooistrawei: GPS N. 53.15069 E. 5.84739

Downloadable GPS-track 16.7 km Warga - Wartena).



Turnbridge "Durk Douwes Draai" at the museum in Wartena.


Holstmar at the Alde Feanen.

Wijde Sloot.

Wijde Sloot.



Hempenser Polder

The canal around the Hempenser Polder is difficult to navigate beacause of many plants growing in the water.
The restaurant at the exit of highway 31 is situated along the canal, but it has no kayak pier. Because of the reed it's not possible to go to the side or use this place as a starting point.

Frisian names

More and more villages are mentioned in the Frisian language, while cities (Sneek, Leeuwarden) are mentioned in Dutch. Warga is Wegea in Frisian language, and Wartena is Warten. Still the waterways and polders are named in Dutch or Frisian.