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  1. Round trip to the Sneekermeer 21 km.
  2. Round trip passed IJlst and on the lake Zwarte Brekken 16 km.

Kayak rentals: Het Toppunt, Top 3, 8606 JT Sneek. Tel.: 0515-420808 / 06-25515862

The Sneekermeer is a large lake. It's advisable to go there only when the wind is right and with the necessary precautions. Also the Houkesloot between Sneek and the Sneekermeer can be rather bumpy. But that's mostly because of the many boats passing by.

Starting point Sneek:

Take the beltway north around Sneek. At the roundabout (N354 Scharnegoutum) exit south towards the center. At the next roundabout turn right on the Berkenlaan. After a short distance you turn right after the bridge on the Docter Kuyperlaan. After the traffic inhibitor you turn right on the Foet. Straight on you see a bike-road. At the bridge is a good starting point.

1. Round trip to the Sneekermeer 21 km.

Starting point is at the bike bridge in the park behind the Foet. You head south towards the center. At the bridge Laatste Stuiverbrug you turn left passed the city center. There is a narrow side canal to the right and just after that you turn right under a low bridge. A little further you turn left on the Woudvaart. Follow the canal until you come at a lake: the Zwarte Brekken. Turn left and follow the canal under highway A7. In Oppenhuizen you turn right. Follow the canal passed Uitwellingerga. Follow the bend to the left and you come at the wide Prinses Margrietkanaal You crosss the canal and go straight on. At the T-junction you turn left. At the end of the canal you turn left and then you see the lake Sneekermeer. Turn right on the Sneekermeer and follow the left side. There are mooring places and two long islands to protect from the waves. You cross the passage to the Prinses Margrietkanaal en you pass the Start-island. There is a small harbor and a restaurant. There is a low side where kayak ga go to the side. You continue north and after the island you turn left. You cross the channel of the Prinses Margrietkanaal. Head north to the watch-tower. Here you turn left to the recreation area Potten. There is a narrow entrance for unmotorized boats. On the lake is a waterski-area. You follow the right side of the lake and pass the nude recreation area. The lake was created for sand extraction. At places it is 6 meters deep. There are a few piers where you can swim. You turn right through the culvert and follow the canal to the left. After a bridge you come at a shallow lake. After another bridge you come at a bigger lake. Follow the right side and turn right on the Houkesloot. This canal connects Sneek to the Sneekermeer and it can be rather busy. Gradually the canal narrows, and boats pass closer by. In the center of Sneek you go straight on until you come at the Laatste Stuiverbrug. That's where you turn right to the starting point.

GPS Starting point at the street named Foet: Lat. 53.0418, Lon. 5.6698

Downloadable GPS-track of 20.9 km.: Sneek.

Fortuna's Fountain in front of the Watergate.




Sneekermeer. Watchtower near the Potten.

View from the watchtower on the entrance of De Potten.

Waterskiing on De Potten.



2. Round trip to IJlst 16 km:

From the Leeuwarderkade you turn right towards the center. After the bridge named Laatste Stuiverbrug you turn right at the T-junction. Follow the canal until you see the watergate on your left. You can go under it and you'll find a kayak pier on your left. You turn right on the Geeuw and pass over the aqueduct. In Ijlst there is a kayak pier on your right just before the bridge. If you walk a little further along the canal you come at the Tourist Information where they have wc and shower facilities. After the bridge you turn left at the T-junction. You pass the narrow canal through the center of IJlst. Then take the second canal to the left. Follow the bends and take the second canal to the left. Head straight on passed the Zwarte brekken. Across the lake you take the canal where you see the highway straight ahead. Follow the canal towards the Haukesloot. this is a wide canal. Turn left towards Sneek and follow the main canal towards the center. Then turn right under the Laatse Stuiverbrug and return to the starting point.

Watergate in Sneek.


Former skate factory Frisia in IJlst.

Wijnsloot near IJlst.