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Polder Beetskoog

A round trip of 15.8 km. Starting point near Avenhorn.

No kayak rentals

In the year 1396 there was already a dike around the polder Beetskoog. The Beemster was an inland sea, and it was conneced to the Zuiderzee (present IJsselmeer) by an inlet on the north side of the polder. This way the sea-going ships could navigate from De Rijp to the Zuiderzee. In 1877 the two windmills that regulated the water-level in the polder were replaced by a pumping station with a steam engine. In 1910 the steam-engine was replaced by a 1-cylinder diesel engine. In 1954 a new electrical pumping station was made and the old pumping station functioned as a back-up. To-day the pumping station with the ancient diesel engine still works, and it is operated a few times a year to show it to visitors.

Starting point at the Mijzenpolder near Avenhorn:

From the A7 (Amsterdam - Afsluitdijk) you take exit 7 towards Avenhorn. At Avenhorn you turn right in the direction Ursem. On your left you see a small harbour Het Hoog, but there's limited parking space and no kayak pier. So the starting point is a little further. You turn left towards Ursem on the Walingsdijk. Then you turn left across the wooden bridge and turn left again. At the next corner there is a boatramp with a kayak pier.

From the starting point you head east towards Avenhorn. Then keep right, and go under the bridge of road N243. After 1.5 km you come at a Y-junction and you see two white bridges. On the left is a restaurant "Les Deux Pont". There is a kayak pier between the bridges, and you walk across the bridge to go there. For this trip you turn right. On the right you see the dike of the polder Beemster. On the left is the polder Beetskoog. This trip goes around the polder, so you keep left until you return at the two bridges. After 5 km. you come at the village Beets. You turn left at the Y-junction. You go under highway A7 and after 2.8 km you come at the locks of Schardam. This is a nice spot for a break. It is possible to portage to the canal on the other side of the dike. This way you can go to the IJsselmeer. For this trip you turn left passed the old church. After a short distance the canal bends to the left. You go under highway A7 again. Along the dike is the village Oudendijk. About 1 km further you see an old pumping station on your left. It has an old 1-cylinder diesel engine and at some days you can see it working. There is a kayak pier, and you can portage to enter the polder Beetskoog. There is no passage through the polder, so you return at the pumping station. You continue passed Oudendijk. At the end of the village the canal bends to the right and you come back at the two bridges. You go straight on passed Avenhorn to the starting point.

Starting point at the Mijzenpolder near Avenhorn. GPS: Lat. 52.6133 Lon. 4.9475

Downloadable GPS-track (16.7 km)Beetskoog.

The two bridges.



View on the Markermeer from Schardam.

Windows in the farmhouse De Gouden Koe (Golden Cow).

Pumping station Beetskoog.

Ancient 1-cylinder diesel engine in action at the pumping station Beetskoog.

Het Hoog in Avenhorn. No kayak pier here.