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A trip around Zwolle on the Overijsselse Vecht and Zwarte Water of 20 km.

The locks at Berkum usually are open during the summer. Only if the water-level in the Vecht is high (after long periods of rainfall) they may be closed. You can carry the kayak passed the locks, but then it may not be possible to make a round trip. If the locks are closed, it is likely the weir just west of the center of Zwolle is closed too. You can not carry the kayak passed the weir as the sides are too high to get out.

Kayak rentals.

Hiawatha Actief, pier Potgietersingel, Zwolle. Tel.: 038-3035526.
Dijkmoment Zwolle, Hessenweg 14B, 8028 PA Zwolle. Tel.: 06-24332462.

Starting point is at the football stadion of FC Zwolle.

Parking is no problem, except when there is a football-match. You can leave the car near the canal just left of the entrance or on the small parking place on the right of the entrance. You return on the other side of the main road near the windmill. It can be reached trough a bicycle tunnel (200 meters). When you return you can drive your car to the arrival point.

To the starting point:

From highway A28 take exit 20 south (Raalte) and at the second traffic lights you turn left. Just after the intersection you see the foolbalstadium on your right. This is the starting point. There are no kayak piers, and the sides are rather high. But with some efford you can get into the kayak here.

You navigate to the east passed Berkum. After the locks you turn left on the Overijsselsche Vecht. Usually there is very little current. After 3.5 km there is a small lake on your left, but you may not go there. Some further on there is another lake on your right. The entrance is open, but I could not read the sign on the side. So I'm not sure if you may go there. When you come at the Zwarte Water you turn left. To the right you can go to Zwartsluis and the Wieden. On your left you see the lake Noorderkolk. The first and the second entrance are blocked, but the third one is open. After the lake you see the woods Westerveldse Bos on your left. Then there is another lake that is open. From a distance you can see the big bridge. After the bridge there are several marinas. Then you turn left towards Zwolle. Just before the bridge there is a weir that can be closed at high water-level. But usually it is down and you can pass it. At the next intersection you can either go straight on through the city center or make a circle around the center. You leave the city to the east on the Almelose Kanaal and turn left into the narrow canal. At the end of the canal is a windmill. It is easy to get out here. I suggest you leave the kayak here, walk throught the bicycle tunnel and get the car to pick up the kayak.

GPS: Lat. 52.5187 Lon. 6.1209

Overijsselsche Vecht.

Overijsselsche Vecht.

Zwarte Water.

Maagjesbolwerk in Zwolle.