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Round trip from Winsum passed Feerwerd and Mensingeweer 25 km.

No portages. You pass a movable weir twice.
With a detour to Oldehove the route is 30.6 km.

Round trip passed Mensingeweer, Baflo and Onderdendam 21 km.

No portages. You pass a movable weir twice.

Kayak rentals:

Winsum: Marenland, Winsumerdiep 6, 9951 CG Winsum. Tel.: 0595-442750.

Starting points Winsum

Marenland: From Groningen you follow the directions towards Winsum. Coming from Drachten on the A7 you take exit 31. You exit the beltway (Ring) on the N361 towards Winsum. When you enter Winsum you turn left at the sign "Marenland" and follow the narrow road parallel to the N361. At the end of the road you come at Marenland. There is a restaurant and a camping with cabins.

Another possible launching place is at kayak club k.v. Winsum, at the Schouwerzijlsterweg along the Winsumerdiep. From the N361 you pass the bridge and at the roundabout you turn left towards Schouwerzijl and then left again. It's just outside the town.

Round trip of 25 km passed Feerwerd, Ezinge and Mensingeweer

Downloadable GPS-track (30,6 km): Feerwerd.

From the starting point you head west on the Winsumerdiep. After 3.2 km. you come at the locks to the Reitdiep. There is a movable weir for kayaks. Just enter and the weight of the kayak pushes down the weir. Then you can move on. Portage is also possible: there are floating kayak piers. When you come at the Reitdiep you turn left and follow the bends. On your right you pass a kayak pier where you can take a break. A little further you turn right on the Aduarderdiep. There are two entrances, but in the middle is an island, so both canals merge after the locks. The locks are open. After 1.7 km. you turn right towards Feerwerd. After Feerwerd you come at Ezinge. There is a pier where you can go to the side. The village has a nice street with old houses towards the church. You pass a small bakerey where they bake their own bread (smells good!) You continue west on the Oldehoofskanaal and a little further you turn right for the main route, or you go straight on for a visit of Oldehove. Towards Oldehove there is a kayak pier at the first left bend near Saaksum. There is a public toilet. At the end of the canal there is a kayak pier and a picnic table.
You return to the sidecanal and head north on the Kleefsloot. When you come at the Reitdiep you turn right. After 2.2 km you turn left on the Kromme Raken. Around the corner there is a floating pier where you can swim. You pass the open locks at Schouwerzijl. Then you keep going staigt on. After a bridge of main road N361 you turn right at the pumping station Abelstok. There are locks with a movable weir for kayaks, just like at the Winsumerdiep. There are also kayak piers, so portage is possible. But it's easier is to pull the kayak with a rope across the weir. You're now on the Mensingerweersterloopdiep. A little further you turn right under a bridge and you pass Mensingeweer. At the end of the canal you turn left towards Winsum.
In Winsum you can make a small round trip. In the center there is a kayak pier along the side canal where you can go to the shops.

Locks in the Winsumerdiep to the Reitdiep.
There is a passage for kayaks across a weir, that moves down when you enter it. Also there are floating kayak piers.





Kleefsloot. Passage through the dike to the Reitdiep.

The mill in Mensingeweer is being restored.



Round trip of 21 km. passed Mensingeweer, Baflo and Onderdendam.

You start going to the west and then turn right towards Mensingeweer. Passed Mensingeweer you turn right again, and then you go straight on passed Baflo until you come at the T-junction in Onderdendijk. Here you turn right and paddle 4 km. back to the starting point. In Onderdendijk there is a good kayak pier at the bridge. You can use this as an alternative starting point.

Between Winsum and Mensingeweer.

Canal Mensingeweer-Baflo.

Rasquerdermaar near Baflo.

Rasquerdermaar near Onderdendam.


Onderdendam with an approaching thunderstorm.