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Makkum 22, 28.4 or 33.2  km. No portages.

The shortest way from Bolsward to Makkum is 10.4 km. on the Workumer Trekvaart and the Van Panhuyskanaal, but then you only see straight canals. If you take the Makkumervaart the distance is 11 km. A detour passed Schettens and Schraard is 17.4 km. I made a trip on both routes, and I visited  Longerhouw and Idsegahuizum. The total distance of my GPS-track was 33.2 km. With some delay because of a passing thunderstorm, this was quite a trip!

Kayak rentals Idsegahuizum

De Rozenpastorie, Boppesteech 3, 8755 JJ Idsegahuizum. Tel. 06-46422235 / 0515-232232

Starting point Bolsward near the Stadscamping.

There is a suitable pier near the Stadscamping, and if it may be occupied there is a low side as well where you can get in.
From the A7 you take exit 18 (Bolsward-Oost) and head towards Bolsward. At the roundabout you turn left. After 500 meters you turn right on the Tramweg and then left again. There is free parking at the swimming pool / camping, and there are shops nearby.

Alternative starting points

There are kayak piers Idsegahuizum at the end of the canal, and at Schraard (behind a wall not visible from the road). In Longerhouw there is a boat ramp, and a low side where you can get in.

Route of 28.4 km.

From the starting point in Bolsward you turn right. After the iron turnbridge you turn left. You pass through the city center. When you come at the Kruiswater (marina) you turn right. At the next intersection you turn left. After the bridge of road N359 you turn left at the T-junction. You go under highway A7 and follow the bend to the right. Just stay on the main canal. After a wooden bridge you come at the Van Panhuyskanaal. Here you turn right to Makkum.
In the city center you turn left. After a small distance there is a low side on your left where you can go to the side to visit Makkum.
You continue on the side canal Lytse Sylroede. When you return on the Van Panhuyskanaal you turn right. Then take the side-canal to the left under the wooden bridge. After 1.3 km. you turn left on the Skraerder Feart (Schraarder Vaart). You pass the village Schraard and the you go under highway A7. Follow the bends. When you come at a T-junction (there's a small woodland) you turn right. You follow the Witmarsumer Feart (Witmarsumer Vaart) passed Schettens. After many bends you come at Bolsward and then you turn left. At the Kruiswater you go straight on for the shortest way back to the starting point.

Bolsward Stadscamping: N 53.0627 E 5.5276
Longerhouw: N 53.0691 E 5.4782
Idsegahuizum: N 53.0441 E 5.4174
Schraard: N 53.0804 E 5.4526

Downloadable GPS-track (33.2 km): Makkum.

Kruiswater, Bolsward.

Stadsgracht, Bolsward.




Grote Sylroede, Makkum.


Museum village Allingawier. Kayakers are welcome, but you can only go to the side at the museum area and then you must pay entrance fee.

View from the bridge across the Makkumervaart over the Van Panhuyskanaal.

There's a thunderstorm approaching.




Aldfaers Erf is a museum village in Allingawier where you can see old buildings and exhabits about old handicrafts. You can visit the village by kayak, but for mooring in the museum area at the end of the canal you pay an entrance fee.

Yde Schakel

When I visited Longerhouw I went to the side for a break and to make a photo. An old man came by and he sat down on the bench. We started a conversation, and he told me about his life. How he built a concrete factory, and how he lost it. He told me that often when he passed Longerhouw he sat down on the bench at this heavenly place to have "a talk to the boss above". He assured me that the most important thing in life is to have confidence. It was very interesting to meet the founder of Aldfaers Erf.

Yde Schakel