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Round trip passed Kinderdijk of 27 km.

A round trip in the polder Alblasserwaard along the Alblas to the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk and back on the Achterwaterschap. Two portages and a short walk at arrival and return.

There are no kayak rentals in the area.

The starting point is half a kilometer before Donk, a small village on a hill (donk) in the polders. The distance between the starting point at the bridge and the Achterwaterschap is 900 meters. Best option is to unload the kayak at the bridge, park the car along the road just before the village and walk back. When you return it is a 400 meters walk through the village to the car and drive to the Achterwaterschap to collect the kayak. In the village is a small camping named Oeteldonk.

To the starting point Donk:

Exit the A27 (Utrecht - Breda) in the direction Noordeloos (N214). After 9.8 km you turn right at the roundabout in the direction Vuilendam. Keep going straight on and after 3.5 km you turn sharp left at the T-junction towards Brandwijk. Follow the narrow road for 3 km and then turn right. This is the Donkseweg towards Donk. After 400 meters you come at a bridge. This is the starting point. You return on the Achterwaterschap, 900 meters further. From the field on your right you can start the kayak trip.

The first part of the trip you pass through the quiet meadows of the Alblasserwaard. From the bridge you head west and follow the bends of the canal. At a T-junction you turn right. After a kilometer you come at a pumping station in Bleskensgraaf. Turn left into the narrow canal. At the end you come at a road. Here you have to portage to the Alblas. Best is to enter the side-canal from the Alblas towards the pumping station. Although it is private land, this seems te be no problem. You go under the bridge and tur right on the Alblas. There are many houses and farmhouses along this former river. After 3 km. you see restaurant De Krom with a terrace along the water. You keep on the main water and pass the village Oud Alblas. At Y-junction you turn left (shortest way) or right if you don't mind paddling 1.5 km extra. At the next junction you see restaurant Vinkenwaard on your left. They also rent kayaks, and there's a boat service towards Kinderdijk. At the next Y-junction you turn right. On your left is Alblasserdam and on the right you pass a white windmill. After a bend to the left you come along the famous windmills of Kinderdijk.

Follow the canal towards the end. There you have to portage across the dike. Tourists sometimes use the kayak-pier for having a picnic as there's no sign indicating this is a kayak-pier. But usually they understand and make room. On the other side of the dike you turn right on the Achterwaterschap. You pass a number of windmills, and then you come at a long and quiet stretch of water. There a are no side-canals so in about 2 hours you return at Donk.

GPS: Lat. 51.8873 Lon. 4.7928

View from the bridge at the starting point.

Oud Alblas.

Oud Alblas.

Bend in the Alblas near Alblasserdam.

White mill at Alblasserdam.



Portage at the end of the dike.

Windmill along the Achterwaterschap.

The Alblas is a lot more lee than the Achterwaterschap. So if there's a strong eastern wind, you may consider to make this route counter-clockwise. In that case you leave the Alblas at the bridge opposite the house named "De vijf achten" (The five eights, 8-8-1888).