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Reeuwijk Oude Dorpentocht

Round trip of 14 km.

The route is marked with red and yellow poles (not many of them are left) named "Oude Dorpen Tocht". Four portages. You don't need a permit.

GPS: lat. 52.0426, lon. 4.7205

Downloadable GPS-track of the Oude Dorpentocht: Oude Dorpentocht.

Kayak rentals:

Sup en Watershop Verlengde Breevaart 3, 2811 LR Reeuwijk, tel.: 0182235116.
Entrance passed the reception of Landal Green.

To the starting point:

Starting point is at the Fokkerstraat in Reeuwijk.
Exit the highway A12 at exit 12 towards Reeuwijk. Head south on the Raadhuisweg along the canal.
When you come at traffic-lights where you can turn left to Sluipwijk, you go straight on. Then turn right twice, on the Einsteinstraat and Fokkerstraat.
At the end there is a parking place along the canal on your right.

From the starting point you turn left on the canal along the Nieuwdorperweg.
After a short distace you turn right under the bridge and then left again. You proceed on the canal along the Nieuwdorperweg. At the end of the village you come at a weir where you have to portage. There is a construction with rolls, so you don't need to take the kayak out. Just pull it across. The canal bends to the right, and then you turn left through the culvert named "Meervleermuisduiker", and then turn left again. Follow the canal along the narrow road. Just before the sign "Reeuwijk Dorp" you turn right to the polder. The shallow water water slows you down, but you proceed to the end of the canal. There is a small park where you can portage across the road Kerkweg. Then you turn right.
At the end of the canal you go under a bridge and turn left. Follow the bend to the right, and keep following the canal. You pass a side-canal to the left. This goes to the pumping station and filled in locks towards Bodegraven. You go straight on. The canal bends to the right and you pass Oud Bodegraven. There are many low bridges, but there's only one that's too low to go under, so here you need to portage. You go straight on and pass Mc Donalds. There is a long culvert under highway A12. After the culvert you turn right. You have to portage at the weir, but here too are rolls so you can pull the kayak across. Follow the canal along the A12. The canal bends to the left and at the end you turn right.
Follow the main canal towards Reeuwijk. In Reeuwijk you turn right under a bridge. You pass the Ichthuskerk, and then you turn left to the starting point.

Oud Reeuwijk.

Portage at the weir under the highway A12.

Reeuwijk Dorp.

Portage at the Kerkweg.

Along the Kerkweg.

Oud Bodegraven.

Portage at the low bridge in Oud Bodegraven.

The next bridge is good to go under.

Oud Bodegraven.

Collection of Johan de Wit.

If you want to go on the lakes Reeuwijkse Plassen you need to buy a permit. It can be purchased on-line at the site of Stichting Veen. A week-permit costs €6,50 (2021)(no permits available for just one day).