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  1. Round trip to the Oostzanerveld and Zaandam 14 km.
  2. Round trip in the Polder Oostzaan, Den Ilp and back through Het Twiske and the Oostzanerveld 21 km (3 portages).

Kayak rentals:

Twiskehaven, in the nearby Twiske. tel.: 075-6844890.

To the starting point near the Jagersplas:

From the highway intersection "Knooppunt Zaandam" (A7 and A8) take the A7 in the direction Zaandam. At the roundabout you turn right. After you went under the bridge of the highway, take the second street to the right. There is a sign that directs to the Jagersveld. Follow the bends and you see a parking space on your right with a place where boats from a trailer can be put into the water. This is where the trip starts.

1. Zaandam and Oostzanerveld (14 km).

From the starting point you can not go straight on towards the Jagerplas, as the canal is blocked. You have to turn right and then turn left. As an alternative you can go north through the district Kalf. On the east side of the lake you go under the bridge of highway A7 passed the windmill De Windjager. After the windmill you turn right and then left on the wide canal. Then you turn right under the railroad bridge. This is a large area with numerous canals and islands. On your left you see Oostzaan. There are two canal passing through the village towards the recreation area Het Twiske. On your right you see the flats of Zaandam in the distance. You go as far to the south as possible and near a petrol station you come near the highway. A little further south is a bridge with a canal towards Zaandam. You go under the bridge and at the T-junction you turn left. You pass the kayak club De Geuzen. You pass a bridge and after a short distance you turn right. After a small bridge there is a Turkish snackhouse on your right. They have very good kebab. You follow the canal. it makes a bend to the north. Just keep going straigt on and you will return to the starting point.

2. Polder Oostzaan, Den Ilp, Het Twiske and Oostzanerveld (21 km).

From the starting point you turn right and left again towards the Jagersplas. Leave the lake on the south side and you go under a railroad bridge. Then turn left into the canal along the railroad. Then turn right under the highway and under the wooden bridge. You enter the Oostzanerveld and turn left. When you come at a wide canal you turn left and go under the railroad bridge. Then go straight on into the narrower canal. Then turn left and right. The you keep going straight on for a long time. At a T-junction you can either turn left or right around an island. Then follow the bends and turn right under the railroad bridge. You go straight on under another bridge and at a T-junction you turn right into the wide canal. After a short distance there is another T-junction where you turn left. Then you have to carry the kayak across a bike road. Continue un the canal. You can make a small detour turning left at Den Ilp as shown on the map and returning to the canal some further on. When you come at a wooden bridge there is a kayak-pier on your right. Here you carry the kayak across the tike towards the recreation area Het Twiske. Follow the canal with the bends towards a wider canal. You see a windmill to the left, but you turn right. You come at a weir and you have to carry the kayak passed it. Then a little further north you come at a lake. There is a small harbor De Roemer. Continue on the lake. On the left there is a beach where you can find toilets. A little further on you turn left into a canal. You keep left and you pass another beach with nude recreation. At the dike there are kayak piers and you carry the kayak across the dike. Take the canal to the left and turn right at a small island. You go under a bridge and you are on the Oostzanerveld. In the distance you see the highway A8 and you head for the wooden bridge where you entered the Oostzanerveld before. Then turn left on the canal along the railroad and right again towards the Jagersplas.

GPS startingpoint near the lake Jagersplas: Lat 52.4634 Lon 4.8266
Map of the area in PDF on the website


From the Jagersplas to the Oostzanerveld.


Polder Oostzaan.


Locks between Zaandam and the Zaan. Portage is possible.

Locks to Zaan.

Den Ilp: canal to Het Twiske.